Sour Soup with Fish/Canh Chua Cá

I’m leveling up my cooking skills this weekend. I made some Canh Chua Cá. It means sour soup with fish.

You will need to go to an Asian store and buy these:

  1. Sour Soup Pack
    1. It contains all the veggies you need for your soup
    2. Tomatoes, Bean sprouts, okra, weird veggies, garlic, chili, and exotic herbs.
  2. Catfish
    1. Buy the precut steak looking ones.
  3. Tamarind or a pineapple
  4. Pepper, salt, sugar
  5. A stove, a giant pot, some oil, and cooking utensils





Now that you got all the ingredients you will need to go online and find instructions on how to cook properly (see the video link below). That’s what I did :P.

Below I will sum everything up briefly:

  • With your pot add in oil and add in garlic, cook it until brown, then remove them
  • Next add in a lot of water then mix with salt and sour ingredients (I used pineapple b/c I did not have tamarind). Bring it to a boil
  • Add in the fish, leave for ten minutes and remove the fish to avoid overcooking
  • Add in all the veggies except the herbs, bring to boil for few minutes
  • Add in the fish again, bring to boil
  • Add in the herbs.
  • Now you are ready to eat….

Easy right?


Online Sources:



The three flavored fish

thai resLast week I stumbled upon a Thai Restaurant that recently opened (1). I ordered the three flavored fish, deep fried and #8 spiciness.

I ordered the Whole white sea bass over the red snapper fillet because the sea bass seems more tastier.

After waiting around 20-30minutes the fish finally came!


Some tips on how to eat the three flavored fish:

It’s a whole fish, so there will be bones but if you follow some instructions that I found online, you should be fine (2).

  1. Cut out the fin bones
  2. Cut out the collar bone to separate the head [don’t eat the head, you could ask them for a doggy bag and take it home for your cat].
  3. Cut off the tail [The tail is very crunchy so feel free to munch on it, and hope no one judges you]
  4. Now carefully cut off the bottom half of the belly fillet
  5. Next remove the top half of the belly fillet
  6. Finally remove the bone cage and eat what you can

You could try and follow those steps, or you could be like me and just cut right into the fish right away.!

Three flavor fish

When you are done eating you should have a mess that looks like this:


A few other tips:

When they ask how spicy you want it, I recommend getting the most spicy variety. They asked me on a scale of 1-10 of spiciness. Apparently eight isn’t spicy enough. The fish has lots of flavor packed in it and it can taste very sweet. The high spiciness level will help eliminate that sweetness. Also, if you don’t like bones, just order the red snapper fillet :).

Thanks for reading! Next time I will try and learn how to cook this fish myself!