How to make Banh Xeo in three steps(Vietnamese Crepe with Shrimp)

I’m going to try and make some Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Crepe) next week.

It might come out all black but it’s worth a try!

Ingredients needed for Crepe Batter:

  • Rice Flour
  • White Sugar
  • Salt
  • Ground Turmeric
  • Coconut Milk
  • Water

Ingredients to fill up with Crepe:

  • Vegetable Oil
  • Minced Shallot (Your probably wondering what this is : Small Onions)
  • Garlic
  • Fresh Shrimp (Peeled)
  • Fish Sauce
  • Salt
  • Mung Bean sprouts
  • Lettuce Leaves

Time to get cooking and hope nothing explodes!

1. Cook the meat and fillings first in a nonstick skillet:

  • Cook Garlic and Shallot first for 1-2minutes
  • Then add shrimp for 3-4 minutes
  • Add fish sauce and remove and save the contents in a bowl

2. Crepe making time:

  • Assuming you made your batter already, you are now ready to cook the batter
  • Clean your Skillet and adjust to medium heat
  • Pour 1/2 cup of batter into the skillet
  • Swirl it to cover the bottom completely
  • Then throw in your fillings!
  • When you are ready, fold your crepe in half and remove it from the skillet.

3. Conclusion:

After you are done cooking the crepe. You can place it inside a 200 degrees F preheated oven to keep warm or just eat as is.


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Sour Soup with Fish/Canh Chua Cá

I’m leveling up my cooking skills this weekend. I made some Canh Chua Cá. It means sour soup with fish.

You will need to go to an Asian store and buy these:

  1. Sour Soup Pack
    1. It contains all the veggies you need for your soup
    2. Tomatoes, Bean sprouts, okra, weird veggies, garlic, chili, and exotic herbs.
  2. Catfish
    1. Buy the precut steak looking ones.
  3. Tamarind or a pineapple
  4. Pepper, salt, sugar
  5. A stove, a giant pot, some oil, and cooking utensils





Now that you got all the ingredients you will need to go online and find instructions on how to cook properly (see the video link below). That’s what I did :P.

Below I will sum everything up briefly:

  • With your pot add in oil and add in garlic, cook it until brown, then remove them
  • Next add in a lot of water then mix with salt and sour ingredients (I used pineapple b/c I did not have tamarind). Bring it to a boil
  • Add in the fish, leave for ten minutes and remove the fish to avoid overcooking
  • Add in all the veggies except the herbs, bring to boil for few minutes
  • Add in the fish again, bring to boil
  • Add in the herbs.
  • Now you are ready to eat….

Easy right?


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Review: Korean Noodles Vs Chinese Wonton Noodles

Greetings my fellow readers,

In this post , I would like to share my experience eating Korean noodles and Chinese wonton noodles.

On Saturday September 3rd, I went out to eat at several different places. It was one of my friend’s last day and we went out to eat at a Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant. After that I went out with other friends to a Korean restaurant/bar. I also ended the day by eating a double bacon cheeseburger at Carl’s Junior but that’s another story…. :). Below you will find my review on the two noodles that I had from the two restaurants.


Korean Noodles

The Korean Noodles tasted like regular instant noodles except it was extra spicy. I went with my friends and we ordered a 30$ hot pot of korean noodles. Inside the pot were noodles, a bunch of random vegetables, bacon, tofu and maybe some meat. This was my second time eating the noodles at this place and I would like to give it a 2/5 stars. The taste was too bland for me. My friends seem to like it, but for me it seem to have the same taste and flavor as the instant ramen/noodles that I have stashed at home. For 30$ I could probably stash up 15-30 boxes of instant ramen and save it to eat once a week :). It’ll last me 30 weeks. The hotpot looks really nice with the fire turned on but don’t let that fool you!

I don’t know why my friends keep going back to eat at this place!!


Chinese Wonton Noodles

Before I had Korean food I was at a Chinese Restaurant for Wonton Noodles. The Chinese Wonton noodles only costed 7$. The price on the Wonton noodles seem to be a lot more affordable compared to the Korean noodles. In terms of taste and flavor, I would like to say that the Wontons were really good. The meat and the rice noodles were also delicious. It did not have the same taste as compared to the instant noodles that I have at home. The wonton soup broth is not as cloudy and red as compared to the Korean “instant maybe” noodles. I would give the Wonton noodles a 4/5 stars for having good taste. If I wanted to make new friends or invite people over for casual business dinner I would highly recommend going to get Wonton noodles here instead of Korean ramen.


Thank you for reading! I like to eat, and I also like to make new friends! Thank you for inviting me and also for going to Carl’s Junior with me!


Broken Rice with meat / Nuoc Mam

broken rice

I went to a pho restaurant with some friends over the weekend and got this broken rice with some meat in it.

They brought it out in less then five minutes after we ordered. How did they make it so fast? I suppose it must have been magically summoned by druids or something.

What’s that yellow thing? It looks like tofu but it has lots of noodles and stuff in it.

How do you make nuoc mam (Vietnamese fish sauce): This website shows you how~

how to make nuoc mam

I’m bad at planning events, usually no one shows up but last weekend three of my friends decided to join me and kept their words! Thank you, I like to eat :).