Ten fruits you should try out when you visit exotic Thailand

Some of you wonder what exotic fruits there are in Thailand? Below I have a list of ten fruits that you may want to take a look at whenever you get an opportunity to try them out. The fruits are well abundant in the supermarkets/streets and are very fresh so be sure to give them a shot when you can.

  1. Mango
  2. Rambutan
  3. Mangosteen
  4. Dragon fruit
  5. PineApple
  6. Durian
  7. Gauva
  8. StarFruit
  9. Coconut
  10. Rose Apple


And that makes up the list of top ten fruits to try out! Be sure to try them out on your next vacation trip!


These are roseapples. Quite delicous if you ask me!



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Food Adventure: Rahn Nan Noodles

On December 7th I decided to go on another food adventure to try out a Thai dish that I’ve never had before. The dish I tried was called Rahn Nan Noodle.

What are Rahn Nan Noodles?

Rahn Nan Noodles are flat noodles with broccoli and black bean gravy. Some restaurants add baby corn to it as well (my dish did not had any corn).



Overall Story:

When I arrived at the Restaurant the waitress was already busy getting to go boxes for another costumer. So I took this opportunity and wondered around to look at the design of the restaurant. This is what I’m thinking in my head as I explored my surroundings, “Wow everything is so plain and transparent here”.

The waitress recommended that I try the duck flat noodles or the chicken noodles. But I didn’t wanted duck because duck has too much cholesterol. So I asked her if shrimp is any good. She said she there isn’t a lot of shrimp in it and she does not recommend it. I went with the shrimp anyways just because I am already familiar with eating chicken and duck.

I ordered the Flat noodles with shrimp and broccoli with a spiciness level of 7.

When the food arrived, I took out my phone and other camera to take a few pictures. I’ve decided that it’s time for me to level up as a food photographer and take 20+ pictures of my food at different angles before I start eating. I didn’t come here to eat, I only came to take pictures. Don’t worry about me! :P.

Here are some pictures:


Finally, I was done taking pictures and it was time to eat. The broccoli tasted like normal steamed broccoli and there was nothing wrong with it. Once I tasted the broccoli I moved onwards to see if the noodles are any good. The noodles were all the way on the bottom of the plate and it was very hard to pick up. It was so slippery that I had trouble picking them up with chopsticks and fork. When I finally got a chance to try out the noodles, “oh yeh, this taste just like regular noodles”. I never had flat noodles before so I am not sure how to compare this to other noodles. I think the noodles are too soggy though.


The waitress kept coming back to ask me if everything was ok. I said yes everything was ok. But maybe next time I should try to say, “no your noodles are too (insert complaint or compliment here)” just to hear what kind of responses they might give me.


Future Plans:

*My next food adventure I will try to file a complaint or compliment to build up some confidence. I also want to try and talk to a few other people at the restaurant and ask them what they think of their food but I am too quiet at the moment. *Tune in next time!


My overall rating on this menu:

The soup was just right, not too salty, spicy or bland. The broccoli makes everything healthier because it is a vegetable. The shrimp seemed like it was cooked properly so I didn’t had any complaint about that. I didn’t think the noodles were as good as the waitress said it would be. In terms of price, the dish also cost 15$.

My overall rating will be a 5/10 for this particular menu just because the price is a bit too high for noodles.

I believe you can get two cheeseburgers at McDonalds for 2.79$:



Thank you for reading. What kind of food do you normally order at a Thai Restaurant? Feel free to comment below!

How to cook Pla Sam Rod



In this article, I will show you how to cook the Pla Sam Rod. The Pla Sam Rod is a pan fried fish with three flavored sauce on it.

If you can carry out protocols from your chemistry class then cooking should be a breeze for you!

Here are the ingredients that you are going to need in order to cook this fish. I’ll let you decide on how much of the ingredients you want to use. Trial and error, see what works best.

  1. Fillets. From a white fish, and make sure it’s firm.
  2. Some salt
  3. Some canola Oil
  4. Thai Chiles (Minced)
  5. Garlic (Minced)
  6. Bell peppers (diced, and remove the seeds too. Do Not Try to rub your eyes with it…)
  7. Onions (Diced)
  8. Tomatoes (Diced)
  9. Hot pepper sauce/Sweet Chili sauce
  10. Sugar
  11. Lime Juice
  12. Fish sauce
  13. Water, Fish stock (Chicken broth works too)
  14. Cilantro (Chopped)


Now that you have all the ingredients needed, follow the next few steps to prepare your fish:

  1. Cover your fish with a little bit of salt
  2. Turn on your frying pan and heat it up with oil
  3. Once the  pan is hot, drop your fish in there for 5 minutes.  Pan Fried**.
  4. When your fillet is cooked or firm, remove it and place it on a dish to serve.
  5. Remove leftover crumbs from the pan and then add in chile, garlic, peppers, and onions. Let it cook for 3-5 minutes. Make sure you stir it around so it doesn’t burn.
  6. Next add in your remaining ingredients, but don’t add in the cilantro yet. Wait one minute, then add in your broth/water and boil it. Once it’s boiled add half of your cilantro into the pan.
  7. Turn off the heat and now your sauce is ready.
  8. Pour your sauce on top of the fish and add the rest of the cilantro in.


Congratulations you just made some fancy food and saved 25$ :). That’s how much it cost to order fish at a restaurant. Cook it, bring it to school/work and impress your friends. They will tell you if it taste bad or good. Practice makes perfect so don’t give up!



** Pan Frying : What is that? It’s when you use a little bit of oil or fat to fry your food. Works best in a shallow pan. Use medium/high heat and then lower it to cook it slowly


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The three flavored fish

thai resLast week I stumbled upon a Thai Restaurant that recently opened (1). I ordered the three flavored fish, deep fried and #8 spiciness.

I ordered the Whole white sea bass over the red snapper fillet because the sea bass seems more tastier.

After waiting around 20-30minutes the fish finally came!


Some tips on how to eat the three flavored fish:

It’s a whole fish, so there will be bones but if you follow some instructions that I found online, you should be fine (2).

  1. Cut out the fin bones
  2. Cut out the collar bone to separate the head [don’t eat the head, you could ask them for a doggy bag and take it home for your cat].
  3. Cut off the tail [The tail is very crunchy so feel free to munch on it, and hope no one judges you]
  4. Now carefully cut off the bottom half of the belly fillet
  5. Next remove the top half of the belly fillet
  6. Finally remove the bone cage and eat what you can

You could try and follow those steps, or you could be like me and just cut right into the fish right away.!

Three flavor fish

When you are done eating you should have a mess that looks like this:


A few other tips:

When they ask how spicy you want it, I recommend getting the most spicy variety. They asked me on a scale of 1-10 of spiciness. Apparently eight isn’t spicy enough. The fish has lots of flavor packed in it and it can taste very sweet. The high spiciness level will help eliminate that sweetness. Also, if you don’t like bones, just order the red snapper fillet :).

Thanks for reading! Next time I will try and learn how to cook this fish myself!


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