Food Adventures : Steak Burrito, Fish Katsu

It was a dark cold Friday night, I was very tired and sleepy but I didn’t wanted to go home and drive an hour in traffic. So I decided to go grab some fresh grub  nearby instead.

The Steak Burrito:

Cost : 8$

It was delicious, I’d give it a 8/10 stars for being delicious. It seems that it was packed with meat, avocados, tomatoes and onions. I left out 2 stars because usually burritos have rice inside them. My Burrito did not have any rice! This left me even more hungry for something else.



The Fish Katsu Bowl:

Cost : 12$

Next door to the Burrito Restaurant was a Japanese Sushi Restaurant. Although it was a sushi restaurant, they served Korean food and the majority of the employers there were also Korean. Fish Katsu is called Saengsun Katsu in Korean. After reading the menu for a few minutes I told the waiter, “I know what I want, I want the fish Katsu Bowl”. When I received my food I was very disappointed. The menu said that it was served with a salad and miso soup but I did not see any of that. The waiter told me that they mixed everything in the bowl together. All I saw on my bowl was rice, fish, sauce and little green pieces of something unusual. Maybe those little green things in the middle are the salad. Perhaps I should have confirmed with them first about the contents of the bowl instead of assuming everything is true on the menu. I’m going to give this a 5/10.


But wait, let me take a look at that menu again from yesterday. [I took a picture of it with my phone] It actually says the plate not the bowl, is the one that is served with miso soup and salad…. How silly of me. I will now give this dish a 6.5/10 because there was only 3 pieces of fish in the bowl. Why not four or five pieces? “I’ll buy some raw fish and cook ten pieces to myself next time” says the guy that doesn’t know how to cook.




To summarize this up, I would say steak burritos are better then fish katsu :O.

Did you know that you can get two burgers of any kind with fries and a drink at Carl’s Junior for 5-6$. It’s unhealthy but it has more calories then fish and thats what I need to build muscle and get stronger!

Feel free to comment and let me know what you think about Fish Katsu or Steak Burritos. Tune in next time for my next food adventures!


  1. *Pictures taken with my phone.

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