Indian Food – Lamb Korma, Naan Bread, Rita

I went to eat Indian a few weeks ago and I thought I write something about it.

What is Lamb Korma?

Lamb korma is lamb inside Korma. Korma is a type of curry that contains lots of vegetables, spices, almonds and herbs.

What is Naan Bread?

Naan bread is a type of flatbread that originated from India.

What is Rita?

Rita is a type of yogurt with cucumber flavor.

My story:

It was a long day and cold night. After sitting at a coffee shop for a few hours to kill time, I decided to wonder around and find something interesting to do. It was so cold and noticed an Indian Restaurant. The Restaurant was called Curry and More. It had recently opened a month ago and it seemed really interesting so I decided to stop by and try out the food.

A : Table for one please!

B: Ok you take a seat over here

A: Where should I sit? Sits on an empty table nearby.

*The waiter directs me to the table at the far end corner instead.

And so I sat there and starred at the menu. And I decided to order the lamb korma with spiciness level 8.

When the food came I was shocked!

For something that costed 16$ you would expect the portion to be big but it turned out to be smaller then I thought. Below are pictures that I took with my Sony Alpha6000.


Overall experience:

I would give this plate a 7/10. The lamb tasted really good and the spiciness was just right.

The Rita and Naan bread were just ordinary sides to the Lamb Korma and I’m not sure how to rate them.  It’s good to eat the bread and yogurt together with the curry to cool off on the hot spiciness level.


Would I recommend this place to a friend?

I would recommend this place to a friend but I would also recommend them learning how to cook their own lamb korma to save money. It’s really expensive to pay 16$ to eat Indian food.

I would say go to an all you can eat Chinese Buffet and stuff yourself with calories of oily food instead to get your money’s worth!


What do you think of Indian food, have you ever had Indian food before?




2 thoughts on “Indian Food – Lamb Korma, Naan Bread, Rita

  1. Hi, 16$ is over priced but probably you should try more of Indian food for sure. The yogurt dish (Raita) you had had many variations in India and is one of my favorite things. I even experimented with mango and mint flavored one for my blog post. Hope you experience the flavor packed Indian food sometime soon again 🙂

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