How to make good travel videos!

I haven’t posted anything in a long time so here is my first post after a long hiatus!


How to make good travel videos


Step 1. : Use a small camera to film your travel footage.

They say that less is better :), and it’s also useful so that people don’t notice you or stare at you while your filming and doing your thing. If they do come to you, ask them if they want to answer some questions for your travel video. For my videos I am using a Gopro Hero 4 Session and my Phone. I also have a mirrorless sony camera but I don’t usually use that unless I am in a setting where photography doesn’t draw too much attention.

Step 2 : Always bring an extra memory card.

And also bring some extra batteries too. It’s good to have some extra batteries and sd card around so you will always have a backup in case one runs out.

Step 3 : Remember to smile in your videos!

People like seeing other people smile so this is an important step! It makes you look friendly and approachable

Step 4 : Come up with a good story. 

So when you are filming make sure you are coming up with a good story to tell your audience. Don’t just film random stuff and post it up there. Make it visual and narrative with good voice overs. It takes practice but you will get good at it over time. It helps to write it down or send short emails to yourself when a thought sparks up.

Step 5 : Ask strangers about their insights.

Don’t be afraid to talk to strangers. They are an important aspect of your travel adventures and you will need them to help you make better videos. Approach someone near you and break the ice with a simple hello or joke. Then you can ask if you can film them or interview them briefly about their insights on the (insert location/debatable topic here).


That’s all I have for today. I also made a short 5 minute YouTube video about this. Please watch it and tell me what you think about the video.

And also if you like mmo and adventure videos please subscribe to my channel! I only have one unknown subscriber right now and my goal is to gain five more subscribers this month. Please share if you like this post/video.



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