Sunflower, Dragonfruit, Kiwano


In my yard I have grown some plants. What kind of plants you ask? Well I have sunflowers, Kiwano melon and dragonfruit! If you have an empty dirt space in your yard, I recommend you start planting things and put that empty space into good use instead of growing grass.

It’s really easy to grow sunflowers and kiwano. All you need is some seeds and some soil and water. Simply bury the seeds in a lot nearby and add some soft soil. Then water it everyday and you will start seeing  new life emerge! It takes trial and error to be good at planting things. So experiment around to see what works best for you :).

To grow dragonfruit all you need to do is ask a friend to give you some of their dragonfruit cutting. You can invite them over for coffee and ask them if they will give you some of their cuttings in exchange for the coffee. And if they say no, you’ll might have to steal (Don’t do this :P) it from them or purchase it from them. If they still don’t want to sell it to you, you can look at ebay or home depot to see if they have any. Once you get your cuttings, plant it directly in soft soil or into a pot and water it frequently. You should start seeing new branches form in 3 weeks or so. Dragonfruit is best grown upward and tied against a long 6ft pole or against a fence. If the cactus touches the ground too much it will rot. If you notice your dragon fruit cuttings starting to rot it is best to cut down on the water and tie the branches up to prevent touching the soil.



Thank you for reading and looking at my pictures!

For more information on these plants feel free to check out these links:






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