How to eat Korean Barbeque at a Restaurant

all you can eat kbbqHello!

I wanted to learn how to eat korean barbeque and I found some information that I would like to share.

Below you will find some useful tips that will aid you on your quest to eat 10 plates of all you can eat korean barbeque!

1. Grill : when you grill your food always keep an eye on it. Do not let it overcook and also don’t let it be undercooked. Turn it over if you start to notice it burning.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for a clean grill or someone to clean your grill when you switch between different meats.

3. Ask for tongs to turn the meat over.

4. When you eat your meat, make sure you wrap it up with lettuce

5. Ssamjang is brown sauce containing fermented bean paste and chile. It should be used along with your piece of cabbage or lettuce wrapped in meat.

6. Do not use brown sauce with the pork.

7. Keep on eye on other people’s drink. Other people will pour your own drink for you and it’s also your job to pour other people’s drink when it runs low.


Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment.

It’s easy to tell when your meat is burned but how can you tell when it’s ready to eat?





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