Camera Reviews: Sony A6300, A6000, and A5100

If you are looking for a decent mirrorless camera for beginner photography or to document your travel adventures you should consider getting one of the Sony Alpha cameras!

sony alpha6000 camera

What can you do this camera? Many things

  1. Take pictures of your food
  2. Take pictures of yourself pretending to eat your food
  3. Take pictures of other people
  4. Take pictures of other people’s food
  5. Take pictures of nature
    1. Trees, Flowers, animals
    2. Go to the zoo or national park and take pictures!
    3. Take pictures at the jungle
  6. Record high quality Videos at concerts or sports games (Muay Thai)
  7. Record yourself practicing Muay Thai at a Muay Thai camp (with a tripod)
  8. Record yourself speaking thai!
  9. Record a funny travel video with your friends


A table displaying the Specs of these 3 cameras

Sony A6300 Sony A6000 Sony A5100
Price ~ 1200$ ~600$ ~500$
24 MP APS -C Sensor ++ (24.2) + +
ISO 100-25600 + + +
11fps Continuous Shooting with AF + + – (6FPs)
Wifi + + +
Panorama + + +
Tiltable Screen + + +
External Mic Jack +
Slow Motion Video Mode + (1080P 120fps)
4k Resolution Videos +
Touchscreen Display +
Interchangeable lens + + +


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