Weekend in Chiang Mai

I went to Chiang Mai to meet up with some friends from my dorm last weekend in hopes of seeing the Loy Kratong, Yi Peng lantern releasing festival.

The ride to Chiang Mai took roughly 9 hours before we arrived. It was around 9am on a Saturday morning when it finally arrived.

After arriving in Chiang Mai and checking in at the Hostel, I and another friend went to several  temples near the city and also to another temple (Wat Prathet Doi Suthep) located within the mountains, roughly 3,500 ft above sea level. There were many street vendors located at the entrance of the temple. One of them sold sticky rice covered in Bamboo. That was Aroi Mak (Means Very Delicous in Thai)!

One of my housemates called me and told me about a Lantern Festival at Mae Jo university that was going on at the exact moment we left. It seemed kind of far from the city and by the time we get there it might have ended already, so we decided to stay within the city instead. We went to the Night Bazaar and shopping around town. I bought a Chiang Mai Starbucks shirt along with other interesting things while I was there.

The 2nd day in Chiang Mai:

The 2nd day in Chiang Mai I and two other spent half the day at Tiger Kingdom. We though it would only take an hour, but it turns out we waited 2 hours just to pet some tigers and take pictures for only five minutes. I got really hungry during the long exhausting period of waiting and waiting. If only they served tiger there. By the time we finished it was around 5pm. I still wanted to explore more of Chiang Mai but it was too late for that.  I really wanted to go back to the mountains to see other attractions such as the Hmong village or waterfalls. Instead we went to the Sunday Market within the city and explored around there.

We went back to bangkok at around 8:30pm. If only there was more time to enjoy things.

Below are some pictures:



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