It was a nice cloudy Sunday, not as hot as usual so I decided to go travel. I went on a two hour bus ride all the way to Kanchanburi from Bangkok.

When I got there I didn’t how to get around as there was no sight of a single taxi so I just wondered around. I needed to use the restroom but as soon as I saw the conditions of the toilet, I just turned around and walked the other way instead. Then I walked around to explore and found a nice noodle place. They did not had a menu because  all they served was noodles in pork, chicken or beef. Chicken noodles, it was so good!!! They even spoke English there.

After lunch, I went back to the bus station and sat there for a while, trying to see if I can take a bus to go sightseeing. A pickup truck driver offered to give me a roundtrip ride to the places that I want to see for about 500 baht. I was too naive to know of any other transportation methods so it was either take the offer or sit here doing nothing.

I went to a temple cave,  war museums, a historical railroad, and World War II memorial. I did not have time to go see the waterfall or explore further because I was only there for a day.

The trip was  disappointing because I did not get to do everything I wanted. Maybe I will come back next time to finish exploration :). Attached are some of the pictures I took during my exploration!



Hello Everyone. I haven’t been feeling well lately so I couldn’t really go see any interesting places besides my dorm and school. But here is a picture of a Chocolate Pie + Milk that I bought from Seven Eleven. Oh yeahhh!